Other Laser Treatments for Charleston

Maintain Smooth, Clear, Radiant Skin

In addition to IPL, skin resurfacing, and hair removal, Germain Dermatology offers several other laser treatments for Charleston-area patients.

Vbeam Perfecta

A pulsed-dye laser, this treats lesions, visible veins, warts, certain types of facial redness, and similar unwanted skin conditions by emitting short bursts of light. Oxyhemoglobin in the blood in the targeted area absorbs the energy as heat, which damages and ultimately collapses the unwanted vessels without harming nearby tissues or structures.

This treatment is particularly effective on symptoms of rosacea, toning down the redness to give patients a more even skin color. Destroying blood vessels close to the surface eliminates their telltale hue. This destruction can also prevent them from feeding cosmetic irregularities, including cherry angiomas.

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A fractional laser, Fraxel® rejuvenates sub-surface skin cells and prompts collagen production with light energy to treat wrinkles, sun spots, melasma, actinic keratoses, large pores, and scars from acne or surgery. The half-hour treatment is considered skin resurfacing, but it is noninvasive and gentle. No skin is peeled or abraded away, so healing is minimal.

Patients may notice some redness, swelling, and flaking in the days after their Fraxel® session, but side effects are minor and give way to long-lasting results. Improvements should be visible within a week, and will continue beyond that. Four to six treatments scheduled about a month apart may be necessary to generate a patient's desired results.

More Options

  • QuadraLASE: This fractional CO2 laser encourages collagen production by delivering very focused light energy into the skin in a specific pattern of dots that kickstart natural processes to "heal" wrinkles, spots, and scars.
  • Alex Trivantage: Idea for reducing the appearance of or eliminating brown spots, this is effective on a variety of pigmented lesions.
  • Acleara, Smoothbeam, and More: Germain Dermatology offers several light-based options for treating acne. Learn more about them on our laser acne treatment page.

Let our team help you choose the treatment best suited for your particular goals.

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