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Sciton® Halo

Get a Customized Laser Skin Treatment in Mt. Pleasant, SC

No one else has your skin—your texture, tone, pores, coloration, or scars. Your skin is unique to you, and with Sciton® Halo at Mt. Pleasant's Germain Dermatology, your light-based skin rejuvenation treatment can be, too.

Sciton® Halo is a hybrid fractional laser, which means it blends the best of two light treatment worlds: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative treatments focus on resurfacing the outermost layer, while non-ablative treatments work deeper. The two vary in intensity and results and can be administered separately or together.

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What Does Sciton® Halo Treat?

Since Sciton® Halo is a hybrid fractional laser, it can treat a significant range of cosmetic skin conditions. Depending on the session specifics, it can address spots, redness, and other discoloration issues; signs of sun damage and aging; irregularities in texture or tone; overly large pores; line and wrinkles; and certain scars.

The result is clearer, smoother, more even skin that features fewer marks and lines.

Sciton® Halo™ in Mt. Pleasant combines two types of laser treatments into one device for rejuvenated skin.
Sciton® Halo at Mt. Pleasant's Germain Dermatology uses both ablative and non-ablative energy to create customized results based on each patient's needs. Ablative treatments remove the uppermost skin cells, while non-ablative treatments work to remodel collagen below the surface.

How Does Sciton® Halo Work?

The ablative laser energy impacts the surface of the skin itself, eventually causing it to peel away and reveal smoother, clearer skin beneath. This can reduce the appearance of imperfections and lesions found in the uppermost layers.

The non-ablative laser energy penetrates below the surface to remodel collagen, which means it causes the protein molecules in the skin to even out for a smoother look. It also triggers new collagen production. Since collagen is a key reason skin is strong, flexible, and resilient, having it in abundance is important for anyone who wants a healthy, youthful appearance.

The intensity of the treatments is up to the patient. More aggressive treatments can be concentrated into fewer sessions, while lower-intensity treatments can be spread out for more gradual improvements.

Sciton® Halo Results

Depending on the intensity of the Sciton® Halo treatment, patients can expect their skin to begin peeling anywhere from a couple to several days after their visit. Ablative results should be visible as the old skin cells flake away. Non-ablative results will become increasingly apparent as weeks go by, since collagen takes time to regenerate in the skin.

Many patients find that their Sciton® Halo results last for years. Women and men interested in maintaining a smoother, clearer look can work with the Germain Dermatology team to create a treatment schedule that fits their lifestyle and cosmetic goals.

More Rejuvenation Options

For another treatment that offers customizable results for individual patients, consider HydraFacial, which involves a three-step skin-brightening process customized to the individual. A session involves exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and infusion.

Other rejuvenation options include microdermabrasion and chemical peels, both of which exfoliate, and microneedling with PRP, which stimulates healing and collagen production.

Which option is best for you? The Germain Dermatology team, led by Dr. Marguerite Germain, can help determine the ideal treatment for your skin rejuvenation goals, whether it's the customizable HydraFacial, a traditional peel, or even a combination of strategies.

Talk to the team at Germain Dermatology to set up a personal consultation and learn more about in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Reach out online or call (843) 881-4440.