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THERMItight® for Skin Tightening in Charleston, SC

Stop Unwanted Sagging

Youthful skin is often valued for being smooth and wrinkle-free, but at Germain Dermatology, we note to our patients that a similarly important attribute is skin's ability to closely conform to facial and body contours. Over time, structural supports in the skin, from firm-yet-flexible collagen to volumizing fat, can diminish and shift, leading to sagging that obscures the sleek lines we prize for the way they keep us looking young and healthy. This is why we offer skin tightening for the Charleston, SC, area.

THERMItight®, a radiofrequency-powered device, remodels subdermal tissue for skin tightening and lifting effects from the neck down. Patients choose this method because of the speed and ease of the procedure, the lack of any significant recovery or down time afterward, and the consistent results.

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Where Can THERMItight® Be Applied?

Because of its versatile nature, THERMItight® can be used for tissue and skin tightening in a range of areas.

  • Neck: Patients who want to eliminate the look of a turkey neck can restore their jawline with skin tightening.
  • Breasts: Women seeking a slight lift to correct minor sagging not worth a surgical procedure may consider THERMItight®.
  • Arms: Called "bat wings" and other unflattering terms, loose skin hanging from the arms can be tightened.
  • Abdomen: Sagging that can be remedied with skin tightening leads some patients to choose THERMItight® before seeking out an invasive tummy tuck.
  • Legs: Skin tightening can change the look of both thighs and knees.

*Patient results may vary.

How Does THERMItight® Work for Skin Tightening?

Not a surgical skin tightening procedure, THERMItight® is a minimally invasive treatment that starts with a local anesthesia applied to the area to be treated. Your doctor will then insert a tiny probe that emits precisely controlled radiofrequency energy, which heats and remodels key tissues, prompting the skin in the treated region to tighten.

The skin tightening device contains a regulatory system that monitors temperatures both on the surface and beneath the skin throughout the treatment session to maximize both safety and even results.

When the radiofrequency portion is complete, the treated skin will be gently wrapped and allowed to rest. Patients will be able to return to their typical daily activities the next day and will see results improve in the days and weeks after their session. Typically, one session is enough to deliver satisfactory results, though you can discuss your ultimate aesthetic goals and learn about the projected treatment plan during your consultation at Germain Dermatology.

Contouring Procedures Beyond Skin Tightening

Some patients deal less with a sagging turkey neck and more with submental fat. The injectable Kybella® destroys the fat cells that collect and create a double chin.

Sagging that causes jowls to form on the lower face can be tightened away with the careful application of dermal fillers that reintroduce volume to key areas higher on the face to provide a lift for tissues farther down. Ultherapy® is another popular choice, generating ultrasound energy to tighten tissues.

The Germain Dermatology team will help you choose the treatment right for you.

Learn more about THERMItight® and skin tightening from the Charleston, SC, area's Germain Dermatology. Call (843) 881–4440 or request a consultation online.