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Ultherapy® for Charleston, SC

Get More Youthful Skin With Sound Waves

Collagen is important for healthy, young-looking skin, but it increasingly diminishes over time, leading to frown lines and nasolabial folds, wattles and jowls, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone. Missing collagen does not have to be gone for good, however. Ultherapy® at Charleston, SC's Germain Dermatology can invigorate the skin by stimulating new collagen creation with sound waves.

*Patient results may vary.

Germain Dermatology is the first practice in South Carolina to have this treatment. Trained Ultherapists work with each patient to carefully and precisely deliver sound energy into deep layers, where collagen remodeling and renewed production increase volume where it is needed. This smooths out skin and lifts sagging tissue to provide more youthful contours. The FDA-approved noninvasive treatment can be used on the forehead/brow, chin, neck, and décolletage.

Ultherapy® at Charleston, SC's Germain Dermatology can transform your skin. Find out how today by calling (843) 881–4440 or request a consultation online.