Chemical Peels for Charleston, SC

Reveal a Beautiful New Layer

We understand that everyone's skin is different and, just like choosing a shade of makeup, the treatment you receive should be catered to your personal skin. At Germain Dermatology, we offer a full variety of chemical peel treatments for Charleston-area patients seeking a personalized, custom, skin care plan.

A chemical peel revitalizes the entire face by removing the outermost layer, which holds all of the telltale signs of age and damage by sunlight and other elements. This exposes the deeper layers, which have a smoother, fresher look, untouched by certain marks and lines associated with getting older. The treatment also stimulates new skin growth, further reducing fine lines and softening your overall complexion.

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Glycolic Peel

Through the application of glycolic acid, discover a brighter and smoother complexion. The Glycolic Peel reveals luminous skin while delivering amazing anti-aging benefits. This chemical peel complements any acne or anti-aging regimen, but is not recommended for rosacea patients. Enhance a procedure or experience this chemical peel on its own.

Theraplex Peel

A mild chemical peel using salicylic acid, this one leaves skin clearer and softer. The peel improves skin texture and tone and is ideal for acne-prone, oily, or photo-damaged skin. It's the perfect peel to complement any acne treatment regimen.

A series of three treatments is recommended for optimal results. Patients can expect two to five days of visible exfoliation.


MG Active Peel

Perfect your skin with the most advanced chemical peel, which combines Lactic, Resorcinol, Salicylic, Glycolic, Pyruvic, Mandelic, and Retinoic acids. Two treatments in 10 weeks promotes healthy skin, improving the appearance of dull and uneven skin tone and texture, darks spots, sun damage, and fine lines. Patients can expect four to six days of visible exfoliation.

In general, patients who choose a chemical peel can expect their skin to appear redder, similar to a sunburn, for two or three days following their treatment.

Dermaplaning to Complement a Chemical Peel

Dermaplaning is a revolutionary alternative to waxing or plucking with the same immediate and smooth results, but without hair growing back any darker or thicker. This procedure sloughs off unwanted hair and excess skin, allowing for improved makeup application on baby-soft and hairless skin. Dermaplaning can be requested as a stand alone treatment or in combination with a peel.

A chemical peel may also enhance the youthful results of other cosmetic treatments, such as the wrinkle-smoothing BOTOX® Cosmetic or a volumizing dermal filler. These options can address deeper creases and folds, and fillers can also provide a subtle lift to sagging facial tissue or plump up thin lips. The combined effect of multiple, carefully chosen treatments can be a powerful one.

Patients considering a peel may also want to learn about microdermabrasion, another method for removing the outermost layer of skin and revealing the beautiful, fresh skin beneath. Dr. Marguerite Germain and her staff will suggest the treatment for each patient based on a personalized consultation.

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