February is Full of Pink and Red but Your Face Doesn’t Have to Be

One of the most common skin conditions in the United States is Rosacea, effecting more than 14 million people. Many people associate Rosacea with a reddening or pinking of the face but it can also cause face swelling and visible blood vessels. These signs are only the external signs; people who suffer from Rosacea may feel like their skin is sunburned, dry, sensitive or scaly. 

You might be thinking, who gets Rosacea? Well, anyone can but people with fair skin usually of Celtic or Scandinavian ancestry are more prone. Also, those between the ages of 30- 50, history of acne, or those whose parent(s) suffer are also more likely to have Rosacea. Dermatologist and scientist aren’t 100% sure what causes this skin condition but there are a few trends prevalent such as family history, a bacteria called bacillus oleronius that causes the immune system to overreact and a protein that normally protects the skin is processed differently causing the redness. 

If you think you could be one of many with Rosacea schedule an appointment with us as soon as you can. Early treatment can help prevent your condition from worsening and with all the medical advancements in this area, you’ll sure to find better treatment regimens than in the past. So while most paint the town with red and pink this month, let us help you monitor and treat the unwanted tint on your face! 

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The Ins and Outs of Contact Dermatitis

If you’ve ever experienced irritated and inflamed skin you have probably experienced a condition called contact dermatitis. There are two main causes for contact dermatitis; allergic reaction or contact with an irritant chemical. We know these conditions are uncomfortable and often times unsightly so we’re here to help. 

Let’s start by explaining the two types of contact dermatitis:

Allergic Contact Dermatitis– We are exposed to more chemicals then we could ever imagine each day. From the soap and shampoo we clean ourselves with to the dyes and materials in the clothes we wear. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused when your skin is exposed to a chemical that you’ve previously become sensitized to. The skin exposed to the chemical will appear reddish in color, feel irritated and appear scaly. If you feel this allergic reaction is happening to you, a doctor can easily test you with a patch test. With over 3,000 environmental allergens known to cause this reaction, you’re bound to experience contact dermatitis at some point in your life. 

Irritant Contact Dermatitis– The basics of Irritant contact dermatitis is chemical exposure to the skin that causes damage to the skin. It can be acute exposure such as strong solvents or non-corrosive acids to cumulative exposure meaning repeated exposure to irritating chemicals to 3rd degree chemical burns. The severity of the irritation is based on the individual’s skin. Those in contact with chemicals frequently, such as cleaning professionals often experience red, scaly, blotchy and irritated skin known as Irritant contact dermatitis. 
If you ever experience either one of these contact dermatitis conditions please call us at 843-881-4440 for a consultation. Dr. Germain has many years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide variety of skin allergies and rashes. We will work together to help you find skin relief and make you as comfortable as possible in your skin! 
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Don’t Be a Worry Wart

Warts…These skin growths while not cancerous or super dangerous are contagious and their appearance annoy most. Warts appear when the HPV virus infects the upper layer of the skin usually through in open cut or wound. It’s pretty easy to spot a wart on your body because they are typically skin colored but rough and appear raised. Dr. Germain will be able to determine if a marking on your skin is a wart by simply looking at it. 

While most of you know what warts look like you might be asking who, what and why?

Anyone can be exposed to the wart virus but there are a few demographics that are more prone. Those who have weakened immune systems, children and teens as well as those who bite their nails or pick hangnails are more likely to have warts. Children are more prone to have cuts and scrapes making it easier for the HPV virus to infect them, causing warts. 

Sometimes warts go away without treatment, especially for children patients. It does typically take longer for warts to disappear in adults so treatment from a dermatologist is usually the best course of action. It is important to treat your warts since they spread so quickly by touch or by touching any object that’s been in contact with the wart. There are multiple ways to treat a wart such as freezing it, with cantharidin and burning it are just a few common treatments. 

To read more about warts, go to the American Academy of Dermatology’s site here. 

The next time you see a small growth on your skin and think it’s a wart, don’t worry just give us a call at 843-881-4440 for a consultation and we’ll help you out! 

Start the New Year Off With New Skin

Ring in the New Year with a younger, fine line-free face by coming in to see Dr. Germain for BOTOX or Dysport. If you’re sick of looking at those stubborn crow’s feet wrinkles near your eyes or the 11s between your eyebrows, BOTOX could be the solution. These injections work by relaxing the muscles that contract to cause those annoying facial lines. Dysport is a BOTOX alternative that might be recommended by Dr. Germain at your consultation. 
Dr. Germain and our team are extremely skilled at these two procedures and make the process feel like a breeze for their patients. Dr. Germain is Platinum Level Provider of Botox and performs this procedure herself on EVERY patient. This quick procedure is recommended every 3-4 months to maintain your beautiful, wrinkle-free face. Start 2012 off right and call us now (843) 881-4440, to set up your consultation with our team! Take advantage of our January Specials Today! 

Dr. Marguerite Germain, Board Certified Dermatologist 

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Revolutionary Non-Surgical Lifting Procedure Now Offered in South Carolina Exclusively at Germain Dermatology

Jowls got you down? 

Take years off your look on your lunch break with the revolutionary, first and only FDA Cleared Non-Invasive Lifting Procedure, Ultherapand is now being offered for the first time in South Carolina exclusively at Germain Dermatology in Mount Pleasant. Ultherapy is a non-invasive application of focused ultrasound technology for skin tightening and lifting

From turkey necks to sagging brows, Ultherapy allows Dr. Marguerite Germain of Germain Dermatology to focus sound waves deep under the skin to heat, lift and tighten loose skin without needles, cutting surgery or any damage to the skin’s surface. New collagen is naturally created and restore skins youthfulness. In addition, the deeper layers of the skin are thermally tightened and contract, to lift the skin. This latest FDA cleared technology is being used primarily on the face to lift sagging brows, reduce excess skin on the lids and open up the eyes thus wiping away years for a younger, rejuvenated look. 

This procedure, which takes about 30 to 60 minutes, is taking the nation by storm and is approximately one quarter of the price of a traditional surgical facelift. Most patients only need one treatment and the best candidates are women and men who are noticing sagging of the brow, wrinkling around the brow, jowls and the dreaded turkey neck.  

“Ultrasound is a safe technology that has been used in medicine for decades. With the new addition of Ultherapy, patients in South Carolina now have the opportunity to try this unprecedented application of the technology for the first time in cosmetic dermatology,” says Dr. Marguerite Germain, MD, a board certified dermatologist at Germain Dermatology. “Ultherapy addresses the loss of tone – which something that is difficult, if not impossible to address with traditional surgical approaches.” 

Results get better over a two to three month period as collagen and elastin is restructured and newer and stronger collagen grows. 

Ultherapy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire magazine, Health magazine, SELF, and on national television programs including Extra, Rachael Ray Show, E!, CBS Early Show and more. To see all the national exposure and benefits of Ultherapy, visit their site here.  For more on Ultherapy at Germain Dermatology visit here

Join Dr. Germain and her staff as she introduces Ultherapy on Tuesday, January 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Germain Dermatology at 612 Seacoast Parkway in Mount Pleasant. The event will offer information, refreshments and special pricing for Ultherapy and is free to attend. Because space is limited, guests are encouraged to reserve their space at 843-881-4440. 

What: Ultherapy Night
When: Tuesday, January 24 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. 
Where: 612 Seacoast Parkway, Mount Pleasant 


Call to RSVP 843-881-4440