A little too much Sun?

Everyone knows the cautions of sun exposure, and if you are curious about any dos or don’ts, sunscreen tips or cancer facts you can scroll through our list of blogs and find all the information you need to be the most sun safe this Summer. However, we know accidents happen, hats are forgotten and sunscreen is sometimes NOT reapplied; therefore here are some after-sun care tips and tricks in the event that you get a little extra ‘vitamin D’.
          – First and foremost stay out of the sun until the sunburn goes away. This may be hard to do if you are on vacation, but it really is the most vital part of healing and protecting your skin as much as possible after the burn. If you must be out in the sun make sure to wear UV Protectant clothing that covers the affected areas.
–    Take a cool bath or shower. Cool water will stop the burning process, as well as cool yourself down. You can also apply a cold, damp towel to the burnt area for 10-15 min off and on to help take the heat out of the burn.
        –  After the shower/bath APPLY LOTION! Moisture is a huge key! It will help soothe the skin as well as help prevent or lessen peeling, itching and flaking. Products with Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are most recommended. They may also help reduce skin damage, although that is not proven.  Be careful not to use lotions or creams that have any of these listed in the ingredients: petroleum, benzocaine, or lidocaine. Things with petroleum trap the heat in your skin (and you don’t want that!) and benzocaine and lidocaine can bother your skin. Hydrocortisone cream is acceptable for use for a day or two to relieve discomfort as well.
–           Drink lots of water! Burns take fluids from the rest of the body causing dehydration. Sports drinks and juice are also good choices. Some with severe sunburn may feel sick or dizzy- this is due to dehydration, be careful with children as this is easier for them to become sick.
          – Take an Anti-inflammatory. As soon as you are aware of the signs of sunburn take a dose of ibuprofen and continue dosage (as directed) for the next 24-48 hrs. An anti-inflammatory, opposed to just a pain medication, will help swelling and redness as well.
* If you feel excessively dizzy, weak, sick to your stomach, are experiencing  fever and chills seek medical help; or if you have blistering burns covering more than 20% of your body (DO NOT POP Blisters! Doing so can cause infection.)

Information provided by SkinCancer.org and aad.org

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You can also watch this short, informational video, click here, by Dr. Germain which answers some FAQs on CoolSculpting™.