Putting Your Best Face Forward

What do we all want from our makeup? The perfect shade, perfect coverage, lots of good stuff for our skin, sun protection, etc; and to top it all off we want it to look like it’s not even there!  How does one find this magical product? Let us tell you.
– Test foundations on your CHEEK, not the inside of your wrist. The inside of your wrist hardly, if ever, is exposed to sunlight making it shades or more lighter than your face.
– Test foundations in various lighting. Makeup in sunlight can look completely different in a bathroom or under fluorescent lights, and vice versa.
– Determine your type and coverage and eliminate those that don’t cater to your needs. If you are shiny stick to matte formulas that are oil-free or a powder formula, if you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles opt for an anti-aging formula with a bit more coverage, but not heaviness as heavier makeup with settle into lines.
While there are thousands of brands and types we love to rave about Jane Iredale’s cosmetic line.  All of her mineral powders are a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one; every product in the line is multi-functional and good for your skin! Take a peek at her choices for your flawless skin.

Still a little iffy on how to choose? We recommend this article from Oprah.com.

One Blowout~One Week of Beautiful Hair

Blowouts are quickly becoming a beauty standard, and we love them! Whether giving yourself some TLC, preparing for a week of meetings or getting an extra dose of beauty before a night out we all want our money to stretch as far as it can, and with this popular treat that is not always an easy task.

Try these daily tips from Birchbox to extend the life of your next blowout:

Day 1
Bask in the glory of your freshly blown-out hair. Avoid touching your hair, which will cause it will lose volume and stimulate your scalp to produce oil. Before bed, wrap hair loosely in a silk scarf.

Day 2
Your hair should still be in pretty good condition today. Use a comb to part hair an inch or two further to the side for some extra volume. Again, avoid touching!

Day 3
By this point, your hair is probably starting to look and feel a bit limp. Revive roots with a restyling spray like Oscar Blandi’s
 Jasmine Protein Mist. According to Oscar Blandi, “Everyday styling can dry out the hair so my Jasmine Protein Mist is perfect to bring back the moisture so the hair will respond better.”Spray it on your roots before using a round brush and hairdryer to refresh your strands. Trust us, it’s not cheating.

Day 4
Dry shampoo is your best friend. We like to use a powder version like Blow
 Faux Dry Shampoo, which effectively soaks up excess oil and makes roots look fresh. Apply it to the crown of your head and then let it sit for a minute before brushing hair to remove any signs of the powder.

Day 5
One of the best reasons to skip shampoo is that it’s must easier to style dirty hair. Unwashed hair has the texture to stay in place, plus pesky flyaways won’t get in the way. Apply more
 dry shampoo at your roots as well as a heat protectant before curling hair with a curling iron. Bouncy waves will camouflage any dirtiness.

Day 6

When we think of dirty hair, we think of perfect braids. Without wispies and flyaways to worry about, your plaits are better than ever and no one will realize you haven’t washed in days. 
Day 7

You finally made it! Before you run for the shower we have one more style up our sleeve. Use a texturizing dry shampoo like Oribe
 Dry Terturizing Spray to majorly boost your volume and create a trendy topknot, and pair with a headband or sparkly barrette to dress up the style.
**Want your blowout to survive a workout regimen? Check out this article from Allure

There is Always Time for Fun

We wanted to share some of our favorite moments from our fun photo shoot with Dr. Germain, Mimzi and long time patient, Patricia Altschul.

Pat is the mother of Whitney, one of Southern Charm’s leading ladies, on the newly launched BRAVO Reality Show based on life in Charleston. The show has become one of Dr. Germain and Mimzi’s favorite guilty pleasures.

Only one more episode to go before Season One comes to a close. We are already anticipating what will happen in Season 2, and Pat wouldn’t give away any secrets. Guess we will all have to watch and see!

We must take some credit for how amazing Pat looks on screen-
isn’t she gorgeous!?
And thank you to Andy with smART Image Photography for capturing these moments. 

Pregnancy Glow- Not a Myth.

Are you one of those amazingly beautiful pregnant women, who love every second of being pregnant? Or are you more realistically one of those women, who really want to enjoy being pregnant, but are uncomfortable, sick and frankly exhausted?
 It’s not a case of bad luck or bad genes, there is actually a scientific reason behind that ‘pregnancy glow’ some are blessed with (and we are willing to bet that you are glowing outside, whether you feel it inside!).
Your actual glow?
“During pregnancy, blood volume expands, giving the skin a flushed look, similar to what you get after exercise,” explains Jennifer MacGregor, MD, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology, in New York City. “Your sweat gland activity also increases, leaving more secretions on the skin, which gives it a little bit of a sheen.”
The Clear Skin?
“Your hormones seem to balance out in such a way that it can take care of skin problems,” says Judith Hellman, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. “It’s why women often go on birth control pills to clear up acne — the pills actually mimic the hormonal state of pregnancy.”
Adding to the ‘glow’ your hair and nails flourish due to extended growing periods and pre-natal vitamins. Whether you feel like a house or loving every minute of your pregnancy- know that you are still glowing to everyone around you.
It’s a scientific fact. 
*Thank you to Everyday Health for some great facts.