Skin Health with Dr. Germain ~ Botox Q&A

“My GP/Aesthetic practitioner always does a really great job with excellent after care, the reason I’ve been a repeat patient for years. Over the last two lots of Botox (4-6 months apart) I’ve noticed after a month or so (sometimes a bit less) I get this ugly dent/wrinkle at the top of my forehead. It sits right on top of a vein so I’ve been wary of getting it ‘touched up’. Is this the result of some of the frontalis muscles being more paralyzed than the lateral muscles? Advice much appreciated.”
– Real Self Q&A

Foreheads can sometimes be difficult because we are sprinkling small amounts of Botox over a large area and it is not unusual to get little ripples or have the Botox wear off sooner than other places. 

If you return to your practitioner, he or she will be able to add the appropriate amount in the appropriate place to smooth out the wrinkles. Don’t worry about the vein, it can be easily avoided. It is important for your practitioner to know this is happening so that your treatment can be adjusted for next time to avoid these ripples in the future. 

This question is a perfect example of why going to a trusted physician and trained expert is vital when doing Botox and other injections. Everyone is different and knowing the right placement and amounts makes a huge different in outcome. 

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