Why Wear Sunscreen When It’s Cloudy?


The Germain Dermatology team takes skin health very seriously, which is why our dermatologists encourage men, women, and children alike to stay alert throughout the winter to minimize their risk of skin cancer. Charleston, SC, has its share of cold, cloudy days, but do not be fooled into thinking that a hidden sun means the danger of ultraviolet radiation is hidden, too.
Fortunately, rain and cold weather tend to prompt people into covering up, but any exposed skin is still at risk of being harmed by the sun if exposed to the sky—overcast or not. Invisible ultraviolet radiation is not stopped by cloud cover, meaning it continues to impact everything it hits, including faces, hands, arms, scalps, and more.
Damage can appear as everything from premature signs of aging (including wrinkles, spots, and more) to cancerous lesions that may require surgery to remove.
Prevention is the best way to stay healthy and beautiful, so be sure to wear sunscreen when going outside, whether the skies are blue or gray.
Remember, too, that not all sunscreens are the same, so be sure to find one that is both effective (minimum SPF 30) and feels comfortable on the skin. There are non-greasy formulas and other options, eliminating any excuse used to try to get out of wearing a protective layer. Your sunscreen should contain a physical block.  Zinc oxide is the best.
As during the summer months, when sunscreen is often at the top of everyone’s mind, apply it about half an hour prior to going outside to be sure it has time to start working properly. Also, remember that sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time after it has been applied—and even more quickly if water washes it away. Re-apply as necessary.
Being sun-smart all year round can do wonders for the look and health of your skin.
Find out more about preventing, diagnosing, and treating skin cancer in the Charleston, SC area by calling Germain Dermatology at (843) 881-4440 or sending a message online.

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Ditch the Razor, Embrace the Laser – Laser Hair Removal

Ditch the razor, embrace the laser.

Laser hair removal isn’t a new “thing.” Chances are you’ve heard about it from someone, or seen advertisements for it or maybe you’ve even thought about giving it a try. Its established reputation for being an amazing, life changing addition and treatment should be reason enough to ditch your razor and embrace that laser, but we are still going to give you the low down on why you need laser hair removal and what you need to know about it.

First things first, let’s chat about how this process actually works. This is performed by trained specialists only. Pulses of highly concentrated light are emitted from the lasers into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and then destroys the hair. It takes a few times to get through all cycles of growth because only follicles in the active growth phase absorb the heat when the light hits the skin. Because of this, one treatment will affect 85% of the hairs in the targeted area. Some lasers are suitable only for light-skinned patients with dark hair, however at Germain Dermatology, we have the GentleYAG and GentleLASE, both of which work for light-skinned and dark-skinned individuals.

A big dilemma for people when it comes to this procedure is the cost. Years ago, the cost for the treatment was much more expensive and could run thousands just for one appointment. It was also a much newer process so it wasn’t nearly as common. People couldn’t imagine spending thousands of dollars for something they weren’t even sure would work, or last for that matter. Now, the cost is less, but still dependent on the size of the area you are looking to have hair removed. If you want your legs treated, it’s going to be much more money than just getting your underarms.

At Germain Dermatology, it’s $600 per treatment for full legs and $300 for lower legs only. It’s $250 per treatment for the bikini line and $150 per treatment for underarms. You can always call in and find out the cost for any other areas you are looking to have hair removed, but these are the most commonly sought after. Even though you’ll be paying some money up front, after you’ve completed the appropriate amount of appointments your results are permanent, so you won’t be paying for long. Plus, you won’t be buying razors any more, and think of all the time you’ll save without having to worry about shaving.

Next up; pain, pain go away. Several people who decide to commit to the laser were previously avid waxers. If waxing isn’t a painful upkeep, I’m not sure what is. The good news is, laser hair removal is considered half as painful as waxing. Of course, everyone has a different pain threshold, but the process is relatively easy and is compared to a quick prick on the skin over and over during the treatment. Each body part you have the removal will feel different since as you know each area of skin has different sensitivities. Each treatment will be less and less intense, too, as the hair is eliminated, so you can expect any sensitivities you may have to dwindle down as time goes on.

Here’s what you can expect for your hair removal appointment. First things first, you need to set up a consultation prior to any procedures, which is free of charge. Then, once we establish what you’ll be having done, you can get a price for your treatments and set up your first appointment. You should not pluck, wax or shave for the six weeks leading up to your laser hair removal and it’s also recommended you avoid sun exposure on the area during that time as well. You can use sunless tanners but should stop applying these products up to two weeks prior. You should shave the area to be treated 24 hours before your procedure.

During your treatment, you could feel slight discomfort, but it depends on the person and sensitivities to pain as previously mentioned. The majority of patients say the discomfort is very minimal. There’s the possibility of some redness or swelling on the treated area after, but not everyone experiences this and it should subside quickly. You could begin seeing results right away and then more improvement over the next few weeks. The treatment is pretty quick so you don’t need to allot too much time for your appointments. There is also no “down time.”

You can remove hair pretty much from any area. Common spots are legs, underarms, bikini area and facial hair. If you don’t want your entire leg done you can also do lower legs only. Call us for more.

EMSCULPT – 50% OFF in February at Germain Dermatology

It’s been making headlines as one of the hottest treatments to sculpt your abs and buttocks. EMSCULPT has become a favorite of celebrities, models, personal trainers and anyone looking to lift and tighten.

As the first to offer EMSCULPT to Charleston, we’re proud to offer this special discount of 50% OFF Emsculpt for the month of February 2019 – available at our Mount Pleasant and Summerville offices.

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CoolSculpting Savings in February

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C the difference in your skin with Vitamin C

A review from a Germain Dermatology patient about the Germain Rx Advanced Vitamin C Brightening Serum 

What does it do? 
Fights free radicals
Supports healthy collagen production
Evens skin texture and tone
UV protection
Brightens completion
 Offers potent antioxidant treatment
Dr. Germain’s number one splurge worthy product… is this one! 

Is EMSCULPT Right for you?

You may have seen it in magazines like ELLE and Allure, but really want to know more about the hottest new treatment called EMSCULPT? EMSCULPT is available at our Germain Summerville office and Germain Dermatology Mount Pleasant office. Here’s more details…

Diets and sit-ups are good for your health and can often—but not always—help shape and tone a belly that needs a little work. The same goes for squats and buttocks. That said, when it comes to body sculpting, the Charleston, SC, based team at Germain Dermatology knows that women and men alike can make lifestyle changes and put in hours upon hours of work in order to tone their abdomen and lift their backside, but may struggle to get the results they are hoping for. EMSCULPT® can change that.

EMSCULPT® uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM®) to force fat to metabolize and muscles to grow stronger, all without surgery. The body sculpting treatment is ideal for patients who are not looking to lose a significant amount of weight, but who want to refine their appearance by giving their abdomen or buttocks extra definition.

When properly directed and carefully calibrated, electromagnetic energy can make muscles tense up in what are known as supramaxial contractions. The EMSCULPT® device is positioned directly against the area targeted for body sculpting, where it deploys HIFEM® that passes through the skin and causes approximately 20,000 muscle contractions in about half an hour.

These contractions build muscle tissue very rapidly by increasing myofibers in terms of both size and numbers. The volume of the muscles increases, and they get stronger. This is ideal for body sculpting based on creating more definition.

The contractions also send nearby fat cells into a state known as apoptosis, which means they have been killed and marked for clearing away by natural processes in the body. This reduces the volume attributable to fat cells in the targeted area, making well-defined muscles even more visible.

When paired together in a single treatment, fat reduction and the building up of muscles lead to improved contours. This process does take time. Germain Dermatology recommends that patients interested in body sculpting with EMSCULPT® plan for at least four treatment sessions.

Fat cells damaged by a body sculpting treatment are cleared out over a matter of weeks and months. Even after the final of a series of sessions, contours can continue to improve for months as muscles continue to strengthen and fat cells continue to be processed.

The treated area can feel sore, similar to how muscles feel after an intense workout.

We are proud to offer free consultations to see if you’re a candidate for EMSCULPT. Call us at 843-881-4440.

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Goodbye Lumps & Bumps – Germain Rx January Product of the Month

Take a second to rub your hands on the back of your arms, feel those lumps and bumps? Do your heels feel like a turtle shell? 

With Spring just around the corner now is the time to use the Germain Rx Exfoliating Body Lotion.  The Exfoliating Body Lotion is a therapeutic treatment for very dry skin which provides intense moisturization and replenishment. It helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells which cause itching and flakiness.  
Its unique multi-channeled active ingredient system uses synergistic technologies to amplify the effects of the 15% Urea and 15% Glycolic Acid far beyond their usual abilities, including the addition of exfoliating peptides, amino acids with a profile similar to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) found in the skin, and other technologies. 
This intensive formula penetrates deeply into the skin to hydrate, soften and smooth rough areas such as the elbows, knees and feet. Helps to improve the appearance of keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, dermatitis and calluses.

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