Choosing the Right Treatment for Facial Wrinkles

While certain signs of aging are common to everyone, each person’s skin shows those signs in a unique combination of ways. One or two spots may form on the forehead, or many may develop across the face. Sagging may be minimal or significant. Wrinkles may appear as faint, superficial lines or deeper furrows. Those wrinkles, … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Treatment for Facial Wrinkles”

Body Contouring to Get Your Best Summer Body

The official start of summer has come, which means for many of us that the countdown to get that perfect beach body is on. In addition to maintaining a successful workout program and healthy eating habits, having some subtle cosmetic “work” done can give anyone who is self-conscious about some physical aspect or another an … Continue reading “Body Contouring to Get Your Best Summer Body”

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Is it possible to buff and polish your skin to retain a youthful look? Microdermabrasion may be a buzzword in beauty circles, but aside from the most skin care-savvy among us, many people are unaware of how this treatment actually works on the complexion. An excess of dead cells can accumulate on the surface of … Continue reading “How Does Microdermabrasion Work?”

You Don’t Have to Settle for Just One Type of Laser Treatment

Life is full of either/or choices. You either get up when the alarm goes off or you hit snooze. You either turn left or you turn right. You either have that second cup of coffee, or you don’t. At Germain Dermatology, we believe that in some cases, you shouldn’t have to choose just one thing … Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Settle for Just One Type of Laser Treatment”

Charleston Agrees: Dr. Marguerite Germain is the Best!

Looking for the best dermatologist in Charleston? Look no further than Germain Dermatology, where Dr. Marguerite Germain is still celebrating the April 24, 2019, announcement that she was named Best Dermatologist in City Paper’s annual readers’ poll. And that’s not all! Germain Dermatology itself—serving Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, and all of South … Continue reading “Charleston Agrees: Dr. Marguerite Germain is the Best!”

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Require Multiple Sessions?

Though the thought of long-term results from a single session of laser hair removal at Charleston, SC’s Germain Dermatology is a lovely one, it’s not a realistic one. Like most good things in life, ideal results come to those who wait—or at least those who complete multiple treatment sessions. This process is not due to … Continue reading “Why Does Laser Hair Removal Require Multiple Sessions?”

Dynamic Wrinkles and the Injectables That Smooth Them

Growing older means getting wrinkles. The natural elements that keep our skin looking youthful eventually come up short, resulting in less flexibility and elasticity and ultimately leading to the formation (and deepening) of lines and creases. Although these changes are basically inevitable, there are ways to smooth out wrinkles that have formed. The ideal strategy … Continue reading “Dynamic Wrinkles and the Injectables That Smooth Them”

Why Wear Sunscreen When It’s Cloudy?

  The Germain Dermatology team takes skin health very seriously, which is why our dermatologists encourage men, women, and children alike to stay alert throughout the winter to minimize their risk of skin cancer. Charleston, SC, has its share of cold, cloudy days, but do not be fooled into thinking that a hidden sun means … Continue reading “Why Wear Sunscreen When It’s Cloudy?”

Last Chance – Vote Dr. Germain & Germain Dermatology For Best of Charleston

Voting for Best of Charleston ends March 5th – go to to vote today!We’d be honored if you voted:Dr. Germain – BEST DERMATOLOGIST Germain Dermatology – BEST DERMATOLOGY PRACTICE (This is a new category! Please show your love for our staff!)  VOTE HERE!  Thank you! 

Ditch the Razor, Embrace the Laser – Laser Hair Removal

Ditch the razor, embrace the laser. Laser hair removal isn’t a new “thing.” Chances are you’ve heard about it from someone, or seen advertisements for it or maybe you’ve even thought about giving it a try. Its established reputation for being an amazing, life changing addition and treatment should be reason enough to ditch your … Continue reading “Ditch the Razor, Embrace the Laser – Laser Hair Removal”