Skin Dangers of Recreational Sports for You and Your Child

Charleston County and its surrounding neighbors are off and running with another spring season of recreational sports. Soccer, baseball, softball and more – for all age groups including adults…Great news for health and well-being, but what about your skin? 

What was already an unseasonably warm fall and winter is sure to lead way into warm temperatures and high UV indices this spring. Don’t forget to protect yourself and family members! Far too often we see clients at Germain Dermatology who simply don’t think about protecting their skin when playing or watching sports outdoors. “I never forget to apply sunscreen at the beach, but I never thought about it for a few hours of my son’s soccer game,” they’ll tell us.

Be smart this spring. Next time you reach for your son’s or daughter’s shin guards and cleats for soccer practice, take the extra 15 seconds to apply sunscreen to both you and their face, neck, arms and legs. Often times, unprotected skin can burn with less than 10 minutes of sun exposure, so trust us, they’ll thank you when they’re older!

If you have any questions about the right type of sunscreen (never less than SPF 15) or any moles and/or spots that may show up unexpectedly, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 843-881-4440. Trust your skin to Charleston’s Best Dermatologist!