Don’t Let Sweat Ruin Your Clear Skin~ Germain Dermatology

Even though Fall may be on the horizon August is one of Charleston’s hottest months. Sweat can wreck havoc on your pores, especially when mixed with makeups and powders. Sweat will combine with the product on your face and become occlusive, or air-tight, preventing your pores from breathing. The results are breakouts, bumps and blackheads.

Want to keep your clear skin even with the heat? We recommend our Germain Rx Pore Refining Mask. This specially made mask cleans and tightens pores while absorbing excess oils, which are abundant this time of year. Made with Gycerin, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin, Hectorite and Benzyl Sulfer this cleansing treatment reaches deep into the skin and even helps to dry up blackheads.

Dr. Germain recommends using the mask twice a week to keep pores open and clear.