Breakfast for your Skin

We understand how frustrating it can be to try and ‘perfect’ a diet. There are so many contradicting sources telling you what is good for you, what is bad for you, and what is even better for you. Supplements, shakes, vitamins, clean foods, whole foods- the list goes on; however one issue that seems to be pretty stable in the world of eating right is that breakfast is (still) the most important meal of the day.
 Most people are unaware that a healthy breakfast can actually fight off signs of aging and acne. Protein based breakfasts keep your blood sugar stable, which will encourage healthy skin.  Cereals with less sugar and higher in fiber are great sources of filling nutrients (extra step for the skin, switch to almond milk since dairy can be a cause of acne and inflammation). Eggs and breakfast meats are also a great way to start the day containing extra protein keeping you fuller longer, and stabilizing your blood sugar aiding in better eating habits as the day goes on.
 For some skin healthy breakfast ideas check out Discovery Health’s article ‘Top 10 Breakfasts for Beautiful Skin‘ and for more healthy food finds make sure to follow us on Pinterest

Eat for Your Skin

There are so many ways to live a healthier lifestyle- some ideas extreme and some a little easier to manage. In general a healthy diet will produce an overall healthier you from the inside out, but what food exactly will help you get a natural glow?

–  Almonds are loaded with vitamin E (a great antioxidant) and can help defend against sun damage.
        –  Flaxseeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which helps to erase spots and fine lines. It also helps lessen irritation and redness. Salmon is another great source of Omega-3s.
–      – COOKED Tomatoes actually help protect the skin from ultraviolet rays by helping to eliminate skin-aging free radicals. Lycopene, which makes tomatoes red, is actually the key to the magic and as the tomatoes cook the levels increase making tomato sauce, ketchup, etc pack on the goodness.  Watermelon has the same effect- yum!
–      – Sweet Potatoes are loaded with vitamin C which stimulates collagen production, in result smoothing out wrinkles. You can also try papaya and carrots!
–      – Canned Tuna can preserve your elastin- a protein that keeps skin smooth and firm. The tuna is packed with selenium, an antioxidant, which also has sub blocking powers.
–      – Carrots will help to clear up routine breakouts! Yes, it is true. Loaded with lots of vitamin A, carrots, prevents the overproduction of cells in the skins outermost layer which means less clogged pores. Vitamin A also lessens the development of skin-cancer cells!  Dairy products also contain lots of vitamin A- but eat/drink dairy in moderation because it can clog pores and contribute to acne.
–       – Green Tea we all know is wonderful for your health, but did you know it is also good for your skin? The antioxidant within the tea produces anti-inflammatory properties and anticancer properties. It can help prevent skin cancer and reverse sun damage. *Tip- effects are greater when drinking it when it is warm!
–      – Dark Chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that can reduce roughness in the skin and provide sun protection. No matter how you get your dark chocolate the texture of your skin should improve.

As you can see, generally ‘healthy’ foods benefit your skin as well as your body’s health. Most fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that will benefit your skin’s appearance. The same goes for the reverse.  For example white bread, pastas, and cakes are linked to an increase in acne. Also overeating sugar can cause wrinkles and dull skin by damaging your collagen.

With Spring in full bloom enjoy what the season has to offer! This is a great time of year to fill up on fresh fruits and veggies.