NOW AVAILABLE: VOLUMA- Exclusively at Germain Dermatology!

A few months ago we previewed the soon-to-be approved facial filler, VOLUMA… and now it is exclusively available at Germain Dermatology! Always on the cutting edge of procedures, Dr. Marguerite Germain is proud to be among the first to introduce JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC, a revolutionary facial volumizer, to the Charleston area. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is a new injectable volumizer that delivers a smoother more youthful appearance to your cheeks, cheekbones, and chin, safely, in as little as 15-30 minutes with results lasting up to two years.

VOLUMA™ XC, produced by JUVÉDERM, is the first and only filler approved to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area in adults over the age of 21.  Results are projected to last up to two years, compared to the 6-12 month window of past released hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers like Restylane, Prevelle and basic Juvederm. It was also created to be smoother than other HA facial fillers, making it easier to inject during treatment.

If you look at the below photos- you can see the faces before treatment (on the left side of the face) and the after treatment (right side of the face). As you can see it looks completely natural and subtly removes problem lines.
Jill (above) was treated for ‘smile lines’.
Niffery (above) was treated for lines around her lips.

Dr. Marguerite Germain, board certified dermatologist, was selected among a small group of doctors to participate in a JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC training and advisory board conference in Boston earlier this year.  There, she received personal training for the new volumizer, as well as a firsthand look at the immediate and long-term results of the product. She has attended multiple training seminars for this product leading up to its FDA approval this month, and will be the only Charleston area dermatologist with this magnitude of exposure and knowledge of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC.

For more information on the procedure or to schedule a consultation call us at Germain Dermatology- (843) 881-4440 or contact us through email on the website.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the results! 

Botox vs Dysport

Most everyone is familiar with Botox, from celebrities praising it to women denying it, Botox, and its alternative Dysport, have become popular go-tos to eliminate the appearance of stubborn wrinkles. With a new competitor on the loose what are the differences and how do you choose? 
 BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable treatment which reduces the activity of the muscles that cause hard to erase wrinkles (frown lines, crows feet, etc). Botox works by reducing the muscle’s movement causing wrinkles to relax and look softened. While designed, over 20 years ago, to reduce appearance of lines between the brows BOTOX is used for many areas today, as well as for multiple purposes (sever underarm sweating, chronic migraines, and eye twitching to name a few.) The procedure is simple and noninvasive- small injections of the product are placed in areas of which the treatment is desired. There is no down time, bruising and minimal pain (nothing an aspirin can’t cure).  You can see results within 3 days of treatment and one treatment will last anywhere from 4-6 months.
Dysport is also an injectable treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It uses the same method of relaxing muscles to soften lines, approved by the FDA in 2009. So what’s the difference? Not much. The main differences are a quicker onset than Botox (usually 1-2 days), and Dysport is more diluted than Botox offering  a larger ‘spreading’ area. So for instance, if you want to eliminate a large area of treatment such as the armpits using Dysport would require fewer injections. This quality can be beneficial for some areas and not for others. Dysport is the first ‘competitor’ for Botox, but it is really more a counterpart.  
When deciding which to choose the answer is really a personal preference, for instance do you prefer Aleeve or Advil for your headache. Our office currently offers both Dysport and Botox and Dr. Germain is more than happy to help you decide which may be the best fit for you, but as you can see the way it works, the results, and the side effects all stay pretty much in line with each other.
It is much more important to have a trained professional administering your treatments than which brand you choose to use. Dr. Germain is a BOTOX Platinum Plus level injector and has become a national and international BOTOX trainer of physicians (administered the same way as Dysport just in different dosing units). Dr. Germain performs all injections.