How are you Sleeping?

We love this article posted about the connection between sleep and beauty, especially as school is back in and sleep seems scarce! 

“Sleep is an active process that covers one third of human life. Unfortunately, only a few studies have addressed the relationship health of sleep to skin beauty. In fact, we’ve long heard of beauty sleep. Yes, it means sleep can enhance a person’s skin. Just look, when we lack sleep, your skin looks dull lusterless. This is caused by increased stress hormones to increase inflammation of skin that is certainly bad consequences on quality of skin.”
This research links between Skin and Sleep Deprivation, Your Biological Clock and Skin, and Skin and Beauty.
To find out how to get the most out of your sleep read the full article here: Sleep and Beauty

Unleash Your Magic

Do you wish your eyes could sparkle like the doe eyed cartoons on T.V., beautifully bright and wide? One of our favorite Germain Rx products can help you erase those bags and dark circles that add years to your age.
Germain Rx’s Magic Eyes is the next generation in optimum eye care. This moisturizing treatment contains Retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as peptides to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase skin firmness. Green Tea Polyphenols protect the delicate eye area against free radicals, and Arnica helps diminish bruising and discoloration.
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*Never tried LATISSE®? LATISSE® is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough lashes) to grow eyelashes longer, fuller, darker. Using this treatment your eye lashes will double in fullness within 16 weeks!
Brighter eyes with fuller lashes? Now, that’s a lethal combo!

Introducing Online Bill Pay!

We are living in a fast paced world, and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Most information we need on a daily basis we have learned to get through the World Wide Web at an instant. 
Germain Dermatology has followed in this trend and is excited to now offer Online Bill Pay. We know it is a service many of our patients have requested and most people have come to expect. We always strive to stay on the cutting edge with our services, and we want to do the same with convenience for our patients.

Paying online is fast and easy. Just visit our website at and click the link “PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE” located in the top right corner. You can register yourself and be able to view your payment history or simply sign in as a guest. 

Where did the Summer go?

 For most families summer break is officially over ending with the hectic back to school chaos. School supplies, new clothes, meeting with teachers, bed times and early mornings all kick off the beginning of the 2013 school year. No matter what age your kids, there are common issues that arise when the germs begin to flow. 
At one point or another kids/teens usually suffer from at least one type of acne. Whether it is severe or chronic, acne can affect the way a youth feels about themselves. Having low self-esteem or being self-conscious can greatly impact the school experience for your child.

Before the acne gets out of hand talk to a dermatologist about what the right skin care products would be. Everyone’s skin is different and different types of acne are treated in different ways. Make sure to test new products on your own skin or do a test area (small part of the cheek for example) where the skin is less sensitive to reactions before using a treatment.

Head Lice:
Head lice are a very common back-to-school problem. Despite its reputation lice does not signal uncleanliness, anyone is susceptible to the parasite. Head lice are transmitted mainly through close head-to-head contact, but can also be transmitted by sharing personal items such as combs, brushes, towels and hats. It is very important to treat lice as soon as you notice the infestation to limit spreading.

Impetigo is one of the most common skin infections in children. Impetigo, which is a bacterial infection, is contagious and can be spread to others through close contact or by sharing towels, sheets, clothing, toys, or other items. Scratching can also spread the sores to other parts of the body.

Often these bacteria enter the body when the skin has already been irritated or injured because of other skin problems such as eczema, poison ivy, insect bites, chickenpox, burns, or cuts. Children may get impetigo after they have had a cold or allergies that have made the skin under the nose raw. However, impetigo can also develop in completely healthy skin. Usually the best course of treatment is antibiotics.

Warts are more common in kids than in adults, warts are skin infections caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. They can affect any area of the body, but tend to invade warm, moist places, like small cuts or scratches on the fingers, hands, and feet.
These warts can develop from touching anything someone with a wart has used, like towels and surfaces. Kids who bite their fingernails or pick at hangnails tend to get warts more often than kids who don’t because they can expose less-protected skin and create open areas for a virus to enter and cause the wart.
While there are obviously many other issues, infections, illnesses and unwanted things kids can bring home from school these tend to be the most common. The best recommendation for prevention is to encourage your children (and teens) to WASH THEIR HANDS often. Most issues in children are developed through viruses that can be killed with antibacterial soap. Also pay attention to your child’s environment. Does the school wipe their counters with antibacterial products? Are the bathrooms cleaned daily? These things can help to eliminate mass spreads of common problems.