CoolSculpting Made Better~ Just in Time for Summer!

Just in time for ‘Bikini Season’ Germain Dermatology is now offering a NEW post CoolSculpting procedure for quicker, more noticeable fat reduction results- The Fat Cracker. 

While the name is humorous this is no joke. Shock Wave Therapy applied to areas post CoolSculpting procedures is said to improve results by 20% and show noticeable changes in 8, rather than 12, weeks time. 

Shock Wave Therapy is a short, but intense, energy wave which travels faster than the speed of sound. This treatment not only improves results and speeds up fat reduction it also is a viable tool for treating cellulite associated with fat. 

Call us today for your free consultation, and have the body you want by Summer! 

Are you Cool yet?

We know we keep talking about it… but it really is just so cool! CoolSculpting is sweeping the nation, from Dr. Oz to the Today Show, and you can get it right here in Charleston at Germain Dermatology.
 It is safe. It is easy. It DOES WORK!
… and you now have DualSculpting to treat two areas at once! 
Dr. Germain hosted another wonderful Cool Event to share the facts about this revolutionary fat fighter. We all had a blast!

If you missed the event, or want to know more, check out the videos below for all you need to know on CoolSculpting!
*For the month of October receive $200 off your CoolSculpting Package! Call today for a FREE consultation: 843-881-4440