Dermatology is for Men, too

When many men think of a dermatologist they automatically think of beauty routines and botox. As our patients know this is not the case. Seeing a dermatologist is vital to your health for many reasons from skin cancer screenings to acne help. 

About 73,870 new melanomas will be diagnosed this year, and about 42,670 cases will be in men.

“According to a 2012 survey from The Skin Care Foundation, men’s knowledge of sun protection and skin cancer was far below that of women’s. Half of the respondents admitted to not using sunscreen in the past year and another 70% had no idea what skin cancer warning signs to look for. But, what’s most scary is men, not women, over the age of 50 are twice as likely to develop and die from melanoma.”A Healthier Michigan 

Beyond skin cancer many other skin related issues strongly affect the male population:
  • Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States have psoriasis effecting men and women equally. 
  • Rosacea affects an average of 14 million americans, 5% of which are men. Rosacea seems to be more severe in men as opposed to women. In addition, men more often experience the rhinophyma (Enlargement of the Nose) phenomenon. 
  • 15-25% of all dermatological patients suffer from eczema. Men suffer more from Seborrheic dermatitis (mainly on face, scalp and torso) which effects 5% of the general population. 
  • Adult acne affects 25% of adult men and 1/3 of these affected with facial acne also have acne on their back and body. 

Man-icures, Man-Scaping & Bro-tox: Men’s Health Month with News 2

November (or commonly referred to as Movember) is a month focusing on the awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, however the 2 Your Health team goes a step further using November as a month to “show guys the lifestyle changes they  can make to improve their health and prolong their life.” Carolyn Murray recently interviewed Dr. Germain discussing her best tips for ‘cool weather grooming’ for men- from manscaping to bro-tox they covered it all! Grab a sneak peek below and catch the full interview on News 2

Is it okay for men to use hand soap to wash their face? 
“Skin on men’s faces get stripped of all their essential oils when they use hand soap on their face. It’s even more important now that it is cold.”

Can a guy get the same youthful benefits from Botox as women?
“Guys actually develop lines before women do so they can look older than they really are. A little Botox goes a long way and, done right, they can look better and younger naturally. There are a lot more guys coming to my office for what we call bro-tox, than in the past.”

If a man works with his hands (ie: construction worker or mechanic) will his hands always show it?
“There are a lot of jobs that men do that are really hard on their hands. they need to pay attention to their hands routinely… apply moisturizing lotions at least twice a day, sunblock if regularly outside and maybe even consider a man-incure every once in a while. If for no other reason, the women will notice their hands.”