Get Your Clear Skin Back!

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. Approximately 80% of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 suffer from acne with many continuing to have acne into their 40s and beyond. Germain Dermatology in Mount Pleasant is proud to be the first and only practice in South Carolina to offer FDA-Cleared Acne Clearing System with visible results, Acleara. 

Acleara Acne Clearing System is the first continuously-cooled system FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne, comedonal acne and pustular acne. The Acleara Acne Clearing System is powered by an advanced vacuum and filtered broadband light technology. The vacuum cleans pores by extracting build up of sebaceous material. Along with the targeted heating of sebaceous glands, the endogenous light activates porphryns to destroy P. acnes and reduces sebum production through photodynamic action.

Topical creams and oral medications can be effective treatments for acne outbreaks, but they can be expensive and can dry and irritate sensitive skin. What’s more, acne that occurs on backs and chests can be difficult to treat topically because of the large surface area. Treating acne with pulsed light can deliver better aesthetic results, especially on inflammatory acne, without the side effects associated with topical and oral acne medications. 

This is good news for the thousands of acne sufferers in the state who have tried a variety of treatments without success. Benefits of using the Acleara Acne Clearing System are:
-Visible Improvement: Reduction in peri-lesional erythema and a visible calming of lesions  
-Hygienic and Comfortable Treatments: Reduced risk of cross contamination and no anesthetics, numbing or cooling gels required
-Economical: Eliminates external cool sprays and anesthetics costs 
-Fast Treatments: Full face treatment typically in under 15 minutes
“We see a wide variety of people who struggle with acne at all ages. The Acleara Acne Clearing System has so many benefits, we knew we wanted to offer it to the acne sufferers of South Carolina as soon as possible. This system gives new hope to those out there who have tried everything.” said board-certified dermatologist, Marguerite Germain, M.D. 
Acne sufferers are encouraged to take advantage of the special introductory offer and receive 20% off their first treatment, for more details, call (843) 881-4440.

Watch Dr. Marguerite Germain highlight the Acleara Acne Laser System on ABC News 4 here! 

Feeling Sluggish?

Often we hear from Charleston moms that they’re not feeling themselves. From running the kids to practice to dance class, there’s never enought time in the day leaving many of them tired and completely out of energy. 

Here’s some easy ways to get a good boost of energy: 

1. Drink water: You may be dehydrated which is making you feel sluggish, so grab a glass of water and enjoy. 

2. Stop and Breathe: Sometimes, taking a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply and “meditate” of sorts is a good energy builder. 

3. Get up & mooooove! Moving around –even for 5 minutes — can increase your circulation. 

4. Step away from the computer: Of course when you’re finished reading this blog. Breaks from a computer really help! 

5. Be thankful: Often, we’re all caught up with the daily hub-bu of life we forget to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts we have. When you are thankful, you’ll smile and that will give you energy too. 

And if you’re still feeling sluggish, we now offer Metabohealth Vitamin Injections. There’s no appointment needed and they help increase your energy and boost your metabolism. We are offering them for $25 each or a package of 4 for $75. Stop in our office at Germain Dermatology in Mount Pleasant at 612 Seacoast Parkway. 

Thanks for reading! 

Why lasers can help your skin

Take Advantage of September Specials to reveal your GLOW! 

At Germain Dermatology, we have a wide variety of state of the art lasers that can treat a variety of dermatologic conditions such as sagging skin, wrinkles, acne, scarring, broken vessels, unwanted body hair and more. 

People of all ages can benefit from the use of the dermatologic lasers. For those who wish to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, laser toning is a great choice. This treatment, which is recommended for 3 initial treats 4 weeks apart, helps stimulate your body to produce new collagen and tighten wrinkles deep into the layers of skin. This non-invasice treatment has no downtime ~ which is a must in today’s busy world! 

A patient favorite, the Laser Illumination Peel unveils your underlying youthful glow by peeling back layers of dead dull skin. It improves texture and evens out skin tone while increasing collagen production. For the month of September, one treatment is $375 (a $50 savings!) As you can see from the before and after photo, Lauren’s skin looks healthier with less sun damage and melasma. 

If you’re plagued with acne, breakthrough the surface to clearer skin. With our acne therapy, you will receive a combination laser treatment plan designed to target overactive oil production, reduce break-outs, decrease redness and diminish acne scarring. We’ve seen some wonderful success stories from this therapy. 

So no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to laser options, we can help! Call us today. 843-881-4440 or visit us online at 

Before the Laser Illumination Peel 
After the Laser Illumination Peel 

Back to School…with Acne

School is back in session and we’ve already been seeing a lot of middle schoolers and teenagers who are dealing with acne. As most of us know, acne is the most common skin disorder affecting more than 40 million Americans! But knowing how to take care of your face is key. 

1. Start off with an appointment with us. We have flexible hours so if your child needs to be seen after school, let us know. Making an appointment with a dermatologist can help your child get on the right track towards clearer skin. 

2. When your dermatologist creates a regimen for you, stick to it. If you don’t see results immediately, that’s OK, just stick to it and you will. 

3. Don’t pop, squeeze or pick at your acne. Trust us, we know it’s tempting…but you can leave yourself with unsightly scars. 

4. Use noncomedogenic cosmetics, oil-free sunscreens and cosmetics. 

Remember, acne isn’t curable but it is treatable. So get on a regimen now. Call us 881-4440 for your appointment.