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Perfect your new years look with the perfect pout! Red lips are still hot and with a little help from Germain Dermatology you will be rocking the runway this season. 

Get that natural plump look with Restylane Silk injections designed specifically for lips and the lines around them.  The secret of Silk is that it’s made of smaller, smoother particles than those used in other Restylane products. 

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Plump Up Your Pout with the NEW Restylane Silk~ at Germain Dermatology

It’s time to celebrate! Restylane Silk is here and Germain Dermatology is among the first in Charleston to introduce this amazing treatment to patients! Restylane Silk is the first, and only, FDA approved treatment for lips and the lines around them. 

If you’ve always been afraid to try injections for a ‘poutier-pout’ now is the time to have the lips you’ve always wanted. 
Restylane® Silk’s unique particle gel formula, along with an ultrafine needle designed for improved accuracy, helps give you softer, more precise results — just what you need for a natural-looking smile.
77% of patients treated with Restylane Silk showed at least a one-point improvement in lip fullness (measured on on a 5-point scale) eight weeks after treatment.59% of patients treated with Restylane Silk maintained lip fullness six months after treatment.98% of patients reported a visible improvement in lip fullness 14 days after injection.

Tired of seeing smoker’s lines in the mirror? Are your Smile lines not making you smile? Restylane Silk is also the go-to treatment for all the delicate areas around your lips. 
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