Don’t Let The Sun Fool You~ Germain Dermatology

Many of us are enjoying the benefits of a cooler start to spring. Choosing outside dining or long walks on the beach, but be wary, the cooler temperatures don’t shield you from the harmful effects of the sun. Even on cool and cloudy days the sun’s rays are still powerful and harmful.

We encourage you to step outside in style with any of the great sun safe products sold at Germain Dermatology in Charleston South Carolina. Our new downstairs lobby features Dr. Germain approved products ranging from San Diego Hat Company hats to BioTech undergear. 
We live in a beautiful city, don’t be afraid to get out there and enjoy it- just be sun safe!

San Diego Hats NOW AVAILABLE at Germain Dermatology

It’s hard not to want to bask in the beautiful Spring sunshine after enduring even our mild Winter months, but we must remember that UV rays are harmful and the risk of skin cancer is real.

For some extra stylish sun protection stop by Germain Dermatology and check out a variety of San Diego Hat Co. hats & bags. These wide brimmed, ultra chic hats are the perfect accessory to any beach day or summer outing offering amazing protection from harmful rays.
Wearing a hat when outdoors, anytime of the year, helps protect sensitive skin such as your scalp and tops of your years from UV rays. It also protects your eyes from squinting resulting in less wrinkles. Remember to slather on your sunscreen each day and add an extra touch of glam + protection with a great hat!