Get Glowing with this Great Deal~ Germain Dermatology

There’s still a week left to get a great deal on younger, glowing skin! 

Through July get 3 Clear + Brilliant treatments combined with 3 SilkPeel treatments for just $1100! 
(a $1,500 Value!)

The Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment is Designed to give skin a “refreshing boost,” this non-ablative laser is ideal for patients who have youthful looking skin that they want to maintain by preserving an even tone and smooth texture.  

A Germain Dermatology patient favorite, the SilkPeel, gently removes that worn-out layer of skin, exposing a smooth, younger layer. Though our skin cells constantly replenish themselves, replacing old with young in a lifelong cycle of renewal, the outermost layer represents the final stages of this process. The skin we see on our face and all over our body bears telltale signs of aging, as well as sun damage, acne, spots, and more. Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to ensure maximum infusion of serums, since the fresh skin is primed to absorb topical agents. Together, the exfoliation and infusion provide revitalization that can make you look more youthful and refreshed.

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Freshen Up with Fall’s New Products~ Germain Dermatology

Begin the fall season in style, starting with your skin! Germain Dermatology has some great new products and procedures to get you feeling fresh for this season.

Baby Foot~ Exfoliant Peel 
This scientifically formulated product contains 17 types of natural extracts which exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Without damaging the skin, Baby Foot, peels easily away from the fresh layer beneath. After peeling, your feet are reborn just like a baby’s foot, giving you healthy, beautiful feet.

UltraFirm Neck Cream
Developed specifically for the neck and décolletté this hydrating neck cream helps to firm, lift and tighten skin that has lost definition with age. Formulated with a proprietary blend of active ingredients to support healthy collagen and elastin production, smooth and even skin tone, and reduce signs of aging.

This NEW treatment will allow our technicians to use TWO customized solutions based on skin type and condition. Each treatment will end with 1-2 passes of Hyaluronic Acid; An acid that has proven to decrease the signs of aging as well as induce collagen production. *PLUS: Our treatment ends with our NEW relaxing Hyaluronic Anti-Aging Mask.


Up Close with Alexis~ Germain Staff Skin Care

Just like our patients our Germain staff suffers from common skin issues, the occasional breakout & even wrinkles! Ever wonder what they do to look so fabulous? Find out on our NEW Staff Blog post. Each month we will feature a different staff member their favorite products, routines, skin care battles and more.

Alexis Parolin

Cosmetic Technician/Licensed Esthetician, 32 years young
 Skin Type:  combination skin, acne-prone, sun damage, melasma, beginning signs of rosacea
Morning Skin Care Regimen:  
Germain Rx Problem Skin 2 Cleanser
4% Skin Tone Enhancement Pads
Hydrating Eye Serum

Super Sheer Physical Sunscreen
Night Time Skin Care Regimen:
Germain Rx Problem 2 skin cleanser
Comfrey toner
Magic eyes
Retinol 5x serum
Restorative bio-therapy (as needed)


Using Routine: Approximately 9 months

Favorite Germain Rx Product:
Retinol Serums
 Favorite other Product:
Favorite Cosmetic Procedure(s):  
Calming VBeam Laser Treatment
“I’ve had several different treatments at Germain Dermatology and one of my favorites is the Calming Vbeam laser. I have redness from rosacea and from acne. After 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, I have my redness under control. When I start to feel flushed from spicy food, embarrassment, heat or any of my other triggers, my face no longer gets bright red! My skin looks so much better without the redness.” 

*Alexis is also a fan of Clear & Brilliant, Botox and Silk peels. 

Favorite Facial Make-Up:
Jane Iredale, Radiant Pressed Powder 
Best advice from Dr. Germain:
“You never want to look different, you just want to look like a better version of yourself.” 

“This is a journey, not a race…Do what treatments you can when you can. Every bit helps!”
 And we have to mention-
“Stay out of the sun and Get your windows tinted; UVA rays goes through glass!” 

Alexis’ Best Advice:
“Preventative maintenance is key; always wear sunscreen! The less you damage your skin, the less you’ll have to fix!” 
“Don’t sleep with your make up on & don’t wash your face with bar soap. Using quality products DOES make a difference!  Always Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.”

Alexis sends you off with these last words of wisdom,  “Botox DOES work! Very effective!  Save your tax refunds, ask for gift cards for birthdays/holidays, even start a beauty fund! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. When people feel good, they look good. “

Get Glam This Holiday~ Germain Red Carpet Ready Procedures

You have the perfect dress and killer shoes, but want something extra to WOW everyone at your upcoming holiday or New Year’s Eve party? Let Germain get you Red Carpet ready! We offer various procedures that require no down time and give you instant glam. Our favorites?

* The SilkPeel® 
The SilkPeel is one of the most dynamic skin treatments available today. It’s the only procedure featuring Dermalinfusion™, a non-invasive exfoliation which helps delivery of skin-specific solutions, leaving patients with fresher-feeling and better-looking skin- Instantly and pain free! 

This treatment will clear pores, brighten and smooth the texture of your skin allowing for optimal make-up application and a natural glow.
*Below: Lauren’s (Our Laser Specialist) Before & After


* Clear+Brilliant 
Clear+Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment that helps prevent the visible signs of aging and the overall dulling effects time and the environment can have on your skin.

This non-invasive laser treatment will leave your skin feeling smoother, younger and give you a “radiant glow”.

* Icon Photofacial

The Icon Photofacial is a non-abrasive and non-invasive rejuvenation of your skin using the remarkable technology of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Icon Photofacials can improve the signs of sun damage, rosacea and brown spots on the face, chest, hands and body. 

This is a great option for those with specific desires that have a little more time to prepare. 
Typically 3-5 treatment sessions lasting about 20 minutes each are needed to provide you with beautiful results. There is no recuperation time and results are gradual, natural-looking improvement in your skin with time. Icon Photofacial is a safe solution tailor-made to your skin type and condition.

**BONUS: We have silk peel and laser appointments available on Saturday December 20th from 8am-12noon, extra time to get extra glam!  We also have make-up professionals trained in Jane Iredale Skin Care Make-Up for all your events. Call us today! 843-881-4440

It’s Like Magic, Microdermabrasion

Put your best face forward this holiday season with one of our revitalizing microdermabrasion treatments.  Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that gently exfoliates your skin. The results will leave you with smoother, brighter and more even skin tone- with no down time!
There are many over the counter microdermabrasion products, but the microdermabrasion that a dermatologist performs goes a bit deeper into the skin making it more effective.

We offer two Microdermabrasion options:

SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™ is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure. The only technology to provide simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation, and the delivery of condition-specific topicals, SilkPeel offers advanced skin care for almost every skin type and condition. SilkPeel is customizable and can treat skin conditions such as acne, aging, pigmentation and other common ailments affecting the skin. This clinically proven treatment offers immediate results with no downtime and in only 40 minutes. Silk Peel is great as a stand-alone treatment, for pre-event, or as a way to optimize your laser treatments.  

The DermaSweep treatment uses soft bristles to gently exfoliate the skin with simultaneous delivery of skin specific topical solutions. The topical solutions are formulated to treat acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and other common skin ailments. DermaSweep is ideal for patients with more sensitive skin types.

If you are concerned about a dull complexion, uneven skin tone or texture, age spots, dark spots or melasma come visit us for treatment today- with plenty of time to look amazing in those holiday photos!

Restore a More Vibrant You!

September is here and the kids are back in school. For all the parents out there, the summer is a chance to reconnect with the kids and also enjoy that special time with them. But often as the summer winds down, we hear from many parents that it also is a time where both the kids and parents are ready for school to be back in session. Remember when you were a kid and the summer seemed to last forever? 

But now that the kids are back to reading, writing and math (yes, we know arithmetic) – it’s time to undo all that sun damage your delicate skin experienced over the summer. Below is a local mom of two, Lauren. As you can tell, Lauren is has melasma. Melasma is a dark skin discoloration that appears on sun-exposed areas of the face. Melasma is a very common skin disorder. Though it can affect anyone, young women with brownish skin tones are at greatest risk. Melasma is often associated with the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is especially common in pregnant women, women who are taking birth control pills (oral contraceptives) and women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause. Sun exposure is also a strong risk factor for melasma. The condition is particularly common in tropical climates. You can read more about melasma here… 

Lauren underwent a laser illumination peel and look at the dramatic difference! Wow! 


If your skin is crying out for a renewed look, it’s time to discover the wide variety of peels we have. 

Germain Dermatology offers a variety of skin care treatments. With just one treatment you will notice a difference in the overall appearance of your skin. Best results are obtained through a series of treatments. 
Enjoy luminous results from a medical grade form of microdermabrasion.  Skin conditions such as acne, aging, pigmentation or other common conditions can be treated during this procedure. A silk peel provides exfoliation as it delivers specifically formulated solutions deep into the skin without damaging its natural structure.  This clinically proven treatment can be used by itself or as a way to optimize laser treatments.
 $100 per treatment or 6 for $500

Give yourself a fresh start with this medical grade form of microdermabrasion for sensitive skin.  The Dermasweep is a unique procedure that provides the use of soft bristles that sweep away the dead skin layer while infusing the skin simultaneously. This procedure has no down time and leaves you with immediate results of smoother and softer skin.
 $100 per treatment or 6 for $500

Reveal a clearer and more youthful you!  A mild chemical peel using Salicylic acid leaves your skin softer and your complexion clearer. The Therapeel is beneficial in improving dull looking skin, acne prone or oily skin, and photo damaged skin. You will begin to see effective results as the exfoliation process takes place a few days after treatment.   You can expect 3-5 days of visible exfoliation.
$75 per treatment or 3 for $200
Discover your inner glow.  Great anti-aging benefits are achieved though the application of glycolic acid. Enhance a procedure or experience this chemical peel on its own. The overall appearance of your skin will be brighter and smoother. Glycolic compliments any acne regimen but is not recommended for rosacea patients.
$50 per treatment or $30 as an enhancement to a Silk Peel or Dermasweep
Unveil and restore a more vibrant you.  Even your skin complexion with a moderate combination of chemicals. With the use of Lactic, Resorcinol, Salicylic and Retinol acids the skin will slough its top layer and reveal a more even toned complexion.  Helps to improve acne and hyperpigmentation.   You can expect 4-6 days of visible exfoliation.

$150 per treatment or 3 for $400

Fight the effects of time.  Aggressively treat your uneven complexion with an affective combination of chemicals. With the use of a higher percentage of Lactic, Resorcinol, Salicylic and Retinol acids the skin will shed its top most layer and reveal a more even tone. You will notice a reduction in fine lines and rough textures and an improvement of hyperpigmentation and acne. You can expect 4-6 days of visible exfoliation.
$200 per treatment or 3 for $550
Achieve baby soft skin.  This procedure will slough off unwanted hair and excess skin allowing for an improved make up application. Dermaplaning can be requested as a stand alone treatment or in combination with a peel. The hair does not grow back thicker or darker and is a better solution to waxing or plucking for the same immediate and amazing results.
$50 per treatment or $30 as an enhancement to a Silk Peel or Dermasweep

Find out why we’re Charleston’s Best Dermatologist. Call for your appointment today 843-881-4440. 

Fall into Autumn with a Glow

It’s crazy to think that September is here. The kids are back in school and we’re all getting into a routine for fall. As the weather changes in the Lowcountry, it’s important that you transition your skin into the next season. Here’s some helpful tips to keep you fresh for the fall season: 
Wrinkles aren’t the only culprit when it comes to adding years to your face, sun spots also make you look older. Revive your glow with a laser illumination peel and erase that sun damage with a good product regimen. We suggest the Germain Rx Erase Regimen

Drink water. As the temperatures get cooler or as cool as they can be in Charleston in the fall, some forget to drink all the proper amount of water as they did in the sweltering summer. 

Pay attention to those elbows and heels. Weekends on the boat and beach wreak havoc on your feet. Use a product that contains glycolic acid to slough away the dead skin like our Germain Rx Heel & Elbow Cream

Transition to a thicker and more intense moisturizer. During the fall and winter, your skin needs more moisture, especially if it’s already prone to dryness. 

It’s all about the eyes! The thin, gentle skin around your eyes need to quench their thirst often or you will look tired and worn out. Try our Magic Eyes Germain Rx product which has caffeine and green tea polyphenols that work well for those sensitive areas. 

And of course, make your appointment for your yearly skin check. Now is the perfect time to call us and set up at time to focus on your skin. Call 843-881-4440 or request a consultation online. 

Also, take a moment to check out our specials for September! Go ahead, PAMPER yourself! 

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas week is here and many people are still scratching their heads wondering what to buy their loved ones. We often get the question, “Is it weird to buy people gift certificates for botox or juvederm for Christmas?” as if you may offend them by giving them this–but really, it’s a great gift! Many women want beauty treatments like botox, silk peels or dermal fillers but usually don’t put themselves first on the Christmas once again they get a robe or a bad Christmas sweater. Yikes! 

So here’s some great Christmas gift ideas for you last minute shoppers to bring beauty into your loved one’s holiday: 

Botox injections or Dysport injections are a quick and simple procedures done in our office in minutes. With no downtime from work or other activities, results are fast and sometimes amazing. Most people who have had Botox or Dysport are extremely satisfied. We jokingly say that the one side effect of these is how much they love their results. Also, for you bargain hunters out there, Dyport is offering a $50 rebate when you get your injections until December 31, 2010…so book your appointment today! 

Get a face that is smooth as silk with SilkPeel. It is one of the most dynamic skin treatment available today. It is in the only procedure featuring Dermalinfusion™, the non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific solutions, leaving patients with fresher-feeling and better-looking skin. SilkPeel is safe and painless. In addition, SilkPeel is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin. And good news, we’re offering a great holiday special — Buy one, get one free!! 


Our patients are in LOVE with our exclusive line of products. Germain Rx has been designed exclusively for the specific needs of our patients. Using the latest in skin care technology, this line includes the highest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is made at an FDA-regulated facility. Germain Rx includes products for anti-aging, acne and problem skin, sensitive skin, and rosacea. It also includes a complete sunscreen line and body products. Some of the products we love: Magic Eyes,  Skin Enhancement Treatment Pads, Hydrating Serum, Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy, Green Tea Serum, Collagen Growth Accelerator, Trifusion Miracle Face Cream, Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 45 and so many more! We have patients from around the nation who swear by our products, one of them as far as Japan – she makes her sister send her a product care package every 6 months! 

Gift certificates are always a safe bet when it comes to buying for those who like to pick out their own treatments. We’re offering buy $100 gift certificate and get a $10 gift certificate free! 

So from the Germain Dermatology family to yours, Merry Christmas and thanks for being such wonderful patients. 

Be sure to check out our brand new website at, created by Geeks in a Box and Nelwater Consulting. We’ll be adding a shopping cart to it in the new year, so it’s easier for you to shop our great Germain Rx products from the comfort of your own home. 

Merry Christmas!