Spray and Glow – Antioxidant Calming Mist

Some of us just don’t have the time for extensive skin care regimens which is why multi-use products have been an important part of the Germain Rx product line. This month we are featuring one of our favorite multi-use items, our Antioxidant Calming Mist

Fortified with natural ingredients such as sea salt, green tea and witch hazel this simple spray makes a huge impact on skin health. Just a few squirts and your skin will be soothed, softened, brightened and hydrated. This solution also helps to clean and tighten pore size with continued use. Event better? It works as a fabulous make-up setter without using harsh chemicals. 

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Spring Cleaning – Who’s got the itch?

Have you gotten the Spring Cleaning itch? Why we commonly think of our rugs, clothes and over stuffed closets when making our cleaning lists it is also important to consider your skin care products and make-up. 

Prescription or dermatologist brand skin care products should be fully effective and safe to use for two years after bottling. “If you use your products and regimens routinely you should never approach an unsafe usage date,” notes Dr. Germain, “Consistency is key to reaping the benefits of anti-aging and preventative products.” If you are using ‘drug store’ brand creams and serums general rule of thumb is to toss at a year old. 

Using expired products not only weakens the results but can also lead to irritation or bacterial infections (especially those that do not seal appropriately, ie: jars or pop tops). 

When cleaning out make-drawers and bags it is suggested to toss any items that no longer have lids or tops as bacteria can spread more easily, especially for eye products. Otherwise as a general rule you should toss mascara every three months, eyeliner and eye shadow every six to 12 months, lipstick every one and a half years and foundation/powders ever year according to Women’s Health Magazine. 

If you’re really taking the cleaning to an extreme this year Real Simple gives a great list of shelf life rules for a variety of house hold and bathroom products: Click Here. 

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*Some exclusions may apply.