If you’ve been our offices lately you’ve noticed some awesome new items including one of our favorite products – Quay Australia Sunglasses

With Summer coming to a close it’s still an important reminder to protect your eyes when outside during daylight hours. Sunglasses do more than just make a fashion statement (however the Quay Australia glasses are super chic) sunglasses protect your eyes from:

– Skin Cancer around or near the eye.
10% of skin cancers are found in this region. 
– Aid in preventing cataracts.
– Reduce complications from glaucoma. 
– Aid in prevention of Macular Degeneration progression. 
– Prevent collagen loss from an already thin area of your facial skin. 
– Prevent wrinkles and premature aging from squinting.

We told you they were super chic, they must be if Andrea Serrano with Charleston Shop Curator is rocking them! 

Marguerite Germain