CoolSculpting® and Other Body Prep Ideas for a Summer-Ready Look

Summer is on its way, bringing to mind sunny times by the water, outdoor barbecues, and lots of pool days—whether out and about or at home. However, during the cooler months, most of us are likely to have put our fitness plans and maybe even skincare routines on the back burner. Now’s the time to get ready for the sunny season! In addition to CoolSculpting®, which our Charleston, SC, practice highly recommends for fat reduction, there are some other ways you can ensure you look photo-ready next time you have to get into a bathing suit or cutoff shorts.

Upgrade Your Workout Regimen

Kicking your workouts up a notch can be the key to finally losing those extra pounds from winter and gaining the body shape you want. Try focusing on exercises to target your shoulders for “tank top arms” and tighten up your core to see a major difference. Combine exercise with a body contouring treatment for even better results.


Trouble spots: We all have them, and they never seem to go away. From that extra cushioning on your stomach to bat wings under the arms, back flab, or love handles, even the slimmest person may struggle with at least one of these areas. When you’ve got into shape at the gym but can’t seem to reduce one or two stubborn spots, CoolSculpting® can help. The non-surgical procedure takes your body contouring to the next level by targeting small pockets of isolated fat. It can be applied to almost any body area for focused, gradual reduction in volume.

Try a New Hairstyle

Nothing says “new you” like a fresh haircut to complement your recently toned body. Getting in shape is a perfect opportunity to trim long, drab locks and get rid of split ends, as well as to groom and reduce unwanted body hair while you’re at it. A chic hairstyle or color can also draw attention away from areas that make you feel self-conscious.

Make Your Skin Look Great

Before getting out your swimwear, remember to give your skin some extra love. Exfoliation is always a good idea—and be sure to boost your Vitamin C intake!

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Looking Back at 2019: Our Annual Sparkle Party Was a Glittering Success!

While Germain Dermatology is known for quality dermatology in Charleston, we’ve also developed a reputation for throwing pretty fancy shindigs! The later days of 2019 were no exception, when our annual Sparkle Party warmed up the day and lit up the South Carolina night in Mt. Pleasant on Nov. 7. The event was truly one of the highlights of our year!

Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul attended along with her butler, Michael, interacting with fans of the Bravo show and newcomers alike. Attendees chatted, circled, and learned about nonsurgical body sculpting treatments available at the practice, including fat-reducing CoolSculpting® and muscle-enhancing Emsculpt®. Live demonstrations gave everyone an idea of what the sessions entail—though results are gradually revealed in the months after a series of treatments.

On top of the education and fun, the Sparkle Party also serves as an opportunity to help the community. This year’s event raised money for Pet Helpers Adoption Center, a local animal shelter.

Anyone who attended the Sparkle Party and who would like to learn more about what they saw is welcome to call the practice at 843) 881-4440 or fill out a contact form online to get more information. Anyone who wasn’t able to attend should watch for announcements of our next Sparkle Party in the fall of 2020—and plan to celebrate along with us.

Visit the main Germain Dermatology site to find out more about the treatments mentioned here, as well as others covered at the Sparkle Party, including BOTOX®, dermal fillers, HydraFacial®, and more.

Body Contouring to Get Your Best Summer Body

The official start of summer has come, which means for many of us that the countdown to get that perfect beach body is on. In addition to maintaining a successful workout program and healthy eating habits, having some subtle cosmetic “work” done can give anyone who is self-conscious about some physical aspect or another an extra boost of confidence. To that end, Germain Dermatology offers personalized options for women and men interested in CoolSculpting® in Charleston, SC.

The April to June period is an ideal time to get your body ready for bathing suits and parties, while perhaps shedding any extra pounds gained over the holidays. The weather is still cool enough to conceal any problem areas with heavier clothing.

Unfortunately, even with overall weight loss, it isn’t always easy to burn fat from more resistant areas (for example, a double chin). In our childhood and teenage years, we all develop a fairly set number of fat cells in certain body areas. The pattern of how fat tends to be distributed and stored is unique to each of us. That means, come summer, a bulge or two may remain despite months of effort put into slimming down.

Whether your goal is to create a sleeker silhouette or more balanced proportions, FDA-approved CoolSculpting® is one of the most effective, non-surgical ways of contouring your body into the shape you’ve wanted. The treatment can get rid of pesky, unwanted pockets of fat, whether below the chin, on the flanks, or in the form of a spare tire, muffin top, or love handles.

During the treatment session, adipose tissue is essentially frozen, irreparably damaged, and marked for removal from the body. The CoolSculpting® device zeroes in on fat in the targeted area, precisely cooling fat cells to a temperature they are unable to survive in while leaving surrounding skin and tissues unaffected. Up to 25 percent of fat cells in a specific area may be eliminated over time. Even better, there is little to no pain or down time required.

Summer has started, but it’s not too late to start shaping your body. After all, with proper care, the results will be around by the time next swimsuit season starts.

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