Looking Back at 2019: Our Annual Sparkle Party Was a Glittering Success!

While Germain Dermatology is known for quality dermatology in Charleston, we’ve also developed a reputation for throwing pretty fancy shindigs! The later days of 2019 were no exception, when our annual Sparkle Party warmed up the day and lit up the South Carolina night in Mt. Pleasant on Nov. 7. The event was truly one of the highlights of our year!

Southern Charm’s Patricia Altschul attended along with her butler, Michael, interacting with fans of the Bravo show and newcomers alike. Attendees chatted, circled, and learned about nonsurgical body sculpting treatments available at the practice, including fat-reducing CoolSculpting® and muscle-enhancing Emsculpt®. Live demonstrations gave everyone an idea of what the sessions entail—though results are gradually revealed in the months after a series of treatments.

On top of the education and fun, the Sparkle Party also serves as an opportunity to help the community. This year’s event raised money for Pet Helpers Adoption Center, a local animal shelter.

Anyone who attended the Sparkle Party and who would like to learn more about what they saw is welcome to call the practice at 843) 881-4440 or fill out a contact form online to get more information. Anyone who wasn’t able to attend should watch for announcements of our next Sparkle Party in the fall of 2020—and plan to celebrate along with us.

Visit the main Germain Dermatology site to find out more about the treatments mentioned here, as well as others covered at the Sparkle Party, including BOTOX®, dermal fillers, HydraFacial®, and more.

EMSCULPT® for Firmer Thighs and More

Smoothing out bulges on “trouble areas” of the body is often about more than simply targeting excess fat. Muscle toning also plays a major role in determining body contours. One of the newest innovations in nonsurgical fat reduction, EMSCULPT®, has rapidly grown in popularity in the last year, among both physicians and patients throughout the country. At Germain Dermatology, our team based in Charleston, SC, offers EMSCULPT® to transform the shape of the abdomen, butt, and more with a series of 30-minute sessions.

EMSCULPT® is not designed to reduce large amounts of fat—and it’s not a substitute for regular exercise. Rather, patients who are close to their ideal weight but who haven’t been able to improve some bulging areas or excess fat deposits can benefit from EMSCULPT®. Patients who choose the body contouring treatment can return to their regular activities right away without downtime, and there are much fewer risks involved than with surgical procedures.

The EMSCULPT® applicator works by emitting high-intensity radiofrequency energy, which triggers thousands of rapid muscle contractions as it moves through the skin and tissue. For optimal results, patients often choose to schedule multiple treatments.

EMSCULPT® is most often used to tone the abdomen and as a non-invasive butt lift, but it also has off-label applications for the arms and posterior thighs. The lower body is often a problem area for women, as fat tends to accumulate in that area. When used on the thighs, EMSCULPT® can create a longer, leaner appearance, as well as more balanced contours.

However, unlike the fat freezing technique used for CoolSculpting®, which simply destroys adipose tissue, EMSCULPT® does more than eliminate fat. The electromagnetic energy promotes supramaximal contractions to develop muscle fibers, thereby increasing muscle mass. This creates a more toned appearance, instead of a simply leaner look.

EMSCULPT® can enhance the results of regular workouts by strengthening and stabilizing the muscle areas in a way that would be difficult to accomplish even with the most intense strength-training sessions. The muscles are activated at a much higher level than they are during traditional squats, lunges, sit-ups, or other strengthening exercises. The treatment increases muscle development by about 16 percent in isolated areas, according to some estimates.

Want to learn more about EMSCULPT® from the Charleston, SC-based Germain Dermatology? For more details, call 843-881-4440 or visit our main website and submit a consultation request.